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PointCab v3.2.0 Software
PointCab v3.2.0 x64

PointCab v3.2.0

PointCab is the first application that automatically generates - at the push of a button - floor plans and sectional views. The goal of the development team has been to create an extremely user-friendly interface design.

By applying the Crystal Clear View Technology, PointCab is able to create crystal clear and dimensionally accurate representations of laser scanning data. The laser scanning software only provides relevant information to the user, e. g. a building’s structure, installations, furnishings, arrangements and pipes. PointCab automatically analyzes and interprets single point clouds or even an entire laser scanning project. The result has much more expressiveness than individual points of point clouds. Images and representations of sections are a prerequisite for an easy modeling of objects in CAD programs.

The program supports most of the common CAD programs and construction tools through standard interfaces. You may use the results in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Microstation, Google SketchUp and Revit. For the first time, you can use the laser scanning data in construction tools, e.g. Catia, Inventor, ProEngineer, Robcad and SolidWorks.
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Carlson X-Port v4.1.3 Software
Carlson X-Port v4.1.3

Carlson X-Port v4.1.3

Carlson X-Port is a file transfer and data editing utility designed to aid in the processing of electronic data collection files. Features include raw survey adjustments, coordinate processing, numerous conversion utilities of coordinate and raw data formats and communications with all of the popular data collection platforms.

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TechnoSoft AMETank v7.6 Software
TechnoSoft AMETank v7.6

TechnoSoft AMETank v7.6

AMETank enables the rapid configuration, design, and detailing of above-ground shop-built and field-erected storage tanks. Design calculations conform to API 650. Calculations include seismic, internal and external pressures, and wind loading. AMETank supports a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface. The configuration and layout of the tank shell, floor, roof and structure, and subsystems is facilitated through intuitive menus with options customized specifically for tank design. The plates layout and fabrication details are provided. Output for NC machines is supported. Detailed assembly and components fabrication drawings for all substructures, appurtenances, ladders, platforms, stairs, and any other subsystems are supported. A complete design can be configured and detailed in less than two hours including the automatic generation of tank 3D geometry with production details, To-scale drawings, bill of material, and weight & cost reports. Also TechnoSoft provides services for laser scanning and digital reconstruction of tanks, terminals, refineries, and other assets. Assessments include bottom and foundation settlement, shell roundness and verticality, structural column verticality, and floating roof to shell operation. Tank calibration and generation of strapping tables is available. Inspection and integrity analysis services are available. Inspection services include a large array of NDE technologies including ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, visual, magnetic flux leakage, and vacuum box testing. Tank report calculations on corrosion rates, safe fill height, seismic evaluation, maximum working pressure, and other evaluations as per API 653 are supported.
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Bentley RAM Concept V8i SS9 Software
Bentley RAM Concept V8i SS9 build 09/09/2014 x86+x64

Bentley RAM Concept V8i SS9

RAM Concept is the ultimate structural designer’s solution for post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced slabs, mats, and rafts. RAM Concept empowers structural engineers to design floor systems much more cost-effectively than with other tools, and with exceptional visibility into the compliance, efficiency, and practicality of the design.

More info.

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John M. Campbell GCAP 9th Edition v9.1.0 Software
John M. Campbell GCAP 9th Edition v9.1.0 x86

John M. Campbell GCAP 9th Edition v9.1.0

Every engineer’s daily routine requires him to give quick checks and quick ideas for very complicated calculations. John M. Campbell & Co.'s solution: GCAP.

This software is designed to aid the facilities engineer, process engineer, and manager with a quick review of detailed calculations done by someone else to check for accuracy. It is not designed to replace process simulators or equipment manufacturer’s verification.

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Carlson SurvCE v4.01 Software
Carlson SurvCE v4.01 build 07/09/2014


Carlson SurvCE v4.01

Carlson SurvCE – это мощное программное обеспечение для полевого контроллера или КПК, предназначенное для сбора и обработки полевых данных.

Carlson SurvCE позволяет осуществлять сбор данных и управлять работой ГНСС-приемников, тахеометров и цифровых нивелиров ведущих мировых производителей.

Carlson SurvCE предназначен для использования в следующих областях:
  • топографии;
  • промышленном и гражданском строительстве;
  • горном деле;
  • проектировании;
  • строительстве автодорог;
  • геофизических работах;
  • ландшафтном дизайне.

Carlson SurvCE предлагает для потребителей следующие модули:

  • TS – базовый модуль - предназначен для работы с механическими электронными тахеометрами;
  • GPS – модуль для работы с GNSS приемниками;
  • RTS – модуль для работы с роботизированными электронными тахеометрами;
  • Roads – модуль для работы с тахеометрами и GNSS приемниками при дорожном строительстве.
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Arqcom CAD-Earth v4.1.1 for AutoCAD 2007-2015 Software
Arqcom CAD-Earth v4.1.1 for AutoCAD 2007-2015 

Arqcom CAD-Earth v4.1.1 for AutoCAD 2007-2015

CAD-Earth is designed to easily import/export images, objects and terrain meshes between Google Earth and major CAD programs and create dynamic contour lines and profiles.

  • Import Google Earth image to CAD.
  • Export CAD screenshot to Google Earth.
  • Insert georeferenced images.
  • Import Google Earth objects to CAD.
  • Export CAD objects to Google Earth.
  • Import Google Earth terrain.
  • More than 3000 supported coordinate systems worldwide.
  • Cross section from mesh.
  • Profile from mesh.

CAD-Earth for other AutoCAD versions can be downloaded from here.

Google Earth plugin can be downloaded from there.

What can we do with CAD-Earth:
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PCI Geomatica 2014 x64 Software
PCI Geomatica 2014 x64 build 01/08/2014

PCI Geomatica 2014 x64

PCI Geomatica широко используют для фотограмметрической обработки данных дистанционного зондирования Земли (ДЗЗ) и их подготовки для дальнейшего применения в картографии, геоинформационных проектах, интернет публикациях и других приложениях. Программа имеет множество уникальных встроенных возможностей для обработки данных ДЗЗ и обеспечивает интеграцию растровых и векторных изображений.

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Bentley LARS Bridge V8i SS3 Software
Bentley LARS Bridge V8i SS3

Bentley LARS Bridge V8i SS3

LARS Bridge оптимизирует процесс моделирования и анализа грузоподъемности мостов - как для существующих, так и для планируемых мостов. Поддерживаются самые распространенные типы однопролетных и неразрезных мостов. Решение LARS Bridge предоставляет интегрированный набор средств для эффективного графического моделирования, редактирования и анализа грузоподъемности.

More [urk=http://www.bentley.com/ru-RU/Products/LARS+Bridge/Product-Overview.htm]info[/url].

LARS Bridge V6.00.01.08 is a maintenance release that addresses the following:
  • LARS delivers the LARS Connector for AASHTOWare BrR 6.5 and 6.6 (32 and 64 bit).
  • Fixed SPEC truck crash problem, and eliminated need to name the first permit truck SPEC.
  • Fixed problem with extract file dead load data. This appears to be occurring in type RC floorbeam members. This is related to the SUPERLOAD data extraction process.
  • Fixed problem with missing dead load. This appears to occur with files containing only stage I "Z”-loads.
  • Fixed LARS Connector to handle asymmetric harped strand layouts.
  • Fixed LARS Connector to compute dc (T/beam to center of slab) distance correctly from BrR haunch information.
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IAVO Research & Scientific 3D FeatureXTract v3.1.1.4085 Software
IAVO Research & Scientific 3D FeatureXTract v3.1.1.4085

IAVO Research & Scientific 3D FeatureXTract v3.1.1.4085

FeatureXTract is a geospatial site-modeling system composed of both automated and semi-automated tools. These allow you to rapidly extract 3D buildings and related features from aerial and satellite imagery. FeatureXTract employs a simple split-screen interface eliminating the need for active stereo displays in 3D feature extraction. Using FeatureXTract you can quickly extract accurate 3D site models even on a laptop and export them for use in a variety of applications, including digital terrain database generation. With FeatureXTract, building an urban environment is now simple, rapid, and most importantly accurate.

FeatureXTract is now fully integrated with, and offered as a module of, IApioneer.

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