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MicroSurvey Layout v2.0.0 Software
MicroSurvey Layout v2.0.0 build 16/07/2014

MicroSurvey Layout v2.0.0

MicroSurvey Layout is a simple to use locating program designed specifically for construction layout and MEP contractors. Used on its own, or in conjunction with Point Prep, MicroSurvey Layout gives you all the tools you need to layout your points accurately and easily. Also included is an as-built mode that allows you measure existing points on a job or pickup points needed for earthwork quantities.

More info.
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Katmar AioFlo v1.0.5 Software
Katmar AioFlo v1.0.5

Katmar AioFlo v1.0.5

Katmar AioFlo is fast, flexible and accurate piping hydraulics calculator. It calculates pipe sizes, flowrates and pressure drops for liquids and gases. Includes K-values for a wide selection of fittings and valves, and it has built in databases for pipe size and roughness. Flowrates can be expressed in mass or volumetric terms. It has extemely powerful and flexible units handling capabilities.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Essentials Bookware
Eric Chappell - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Essentials
CRC Press, 2014
pdf, 402 pages, english
ISBN 978-1-118-87102-7

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Essentials

Over 140 experts, 14 countries, and 89 chapters are represented in the second edition of the Bridge Engineering Handbook. This extensive If you need to learn the core features and functions of AutoCAD Civil 3D now, this is the book for you. AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials uses full-color screenshots and tutorials based on real workflows to teach you the fundamentals of this industry-leading civil engineering software. Award-winning instructor Eric Chappell has been using and teaching Civil 3D since its first release, and his to-the-point explanations of crucial Civil 3D topics mean that you'll learn what you need to know quickly and efficiently. In each chapter, you will progress from guided tutorials to open-ended civil projects, and can download before and after project files to check your work or jump directly to the section of the book you need. AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials will have you designing, implementing, and documenting civil engineering projects in no time.

As an Autodesk Official Press book, AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials is approved as a study guide for Civil 3D certification exams. The proven skills-based approach of this guide focuses on enabling you to fully leverage the capabilities of this powerful software. Here are a few of the skills you will learn as you work through this comprehensive book:

  • Working with field survey data, point data, and stakeout data.
  • Modeling terrain and boundaries using surfaces and parcels.
  • Using profiles, alignments, corridors, and quantities.
  • Creating construction documentation and project visualizations.

Archive includes all the project files and other bonus content.

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Bentley MSTower build 02.07.2014 Software
Bentley (ex. Microstran) MSTower build 02/07/2014

Bentley MSTower build 02.07.2014

MStower is a program for the analysis and checking of latticed towers and masts. It is used by designers and authorities for the checking of transmission line structures and communications towers and masts.

More info.

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Koch-Glitsch KG-TOWER v5.01.013 Software
Koch-Glitsch KG-TOWER v5.01.013

Koch-Glitsch KG-TOWER v5.01.013

Koch-Glitsch’s hydraulic rating software can assist you in the specification of mass transfer equipment, including conventional and high performance valve trays, severe service grid packing, and conventional and high performance random and structured tower packings.

Version 5.1 adds the ability to specify FLEXIPAC 2.5Y HC structured packing, AX wire gauze packing, INTALOX ULTRA random packing sizes T and O, and FLEXIPAC 3X plastic structured packing. Other features include:
  • Enabling specification of dry mass or volume flow rate in gas density module.
  • Number of layers input option for grid packing.
  • Display of standard vapor rate.
  • Separate vapor and liquid density units and wider selection of mass rate units.
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Bentley Microstran Software
Bentley Microstran build 02/07/2014 

Bentley Microstran

Эх, скоро не останется у нас компаний в части проектирования и анализа строительных конструкций. Ну, кроме Bentley и Autodesk. Они супили, блин, уже почти всех recourse

Microstran - утилита для сруктурного анализа инженерных сооружений (мосты, здания ...)

Оригинальная предыдущая версия тут.
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Bentley Limcon Software
Bentley (ex. Microstran) Limcon build 02/07/2014

Bentley Limcon

Limcon - утилита для разработки и анализа сочленения стальных конструкций типов AISC 360 (ASD / LRFD), CAN / CSA S16, BS 5950, AS 4100, NZS 3404.

Более подробно тут.
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Bentley GSFEM v17.00.36.00 Software
Bentley GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis v17.00.36.00 build 05/06/2014 

Bentley GSFEM v17.00.36.00

The GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis contains tools for performing Finite Element modeling for a range of geotechnical problems including excavation, slope stability, foundation beams, settlement, tunneling, and more.

More info.
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Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v17.00.36.00 Software
Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v17.00.36.00 build 05/06/2014 

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v17.00.36.00

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis is geotechnical analysis software, which allows you to evaluate alternate design scenarios within a single, interoperable product suite, ensuring that the subsurface data is used efficiently for an integrated project delivery.

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis includes Excavation Analysis, Foundation Analysis, and Retaining Wall Analysis.

More info is here.
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Bentley Descartes V8i SS5 Software
Bentley Descartes V8i SS5 build 02/07/2014 

Bentley Descartes V8i SS5

Bentley Descartes is a software product that integrates fundamental data types into information modeling workflows. These fundamental data types include point clouds, scalable digital terrain models, and raster files. Bentley Descartes is also used for the processing of legacy documentation including vector-to-raster and raster-to-vector conversion.

In all infrastructure projects, engineers need to process fundamental data types for downstream use and to process legacy documentation – Bentley Descartes makes all this straightforward and intuitive both in its stand-alone mode (with all the information modeling functionality of MicroStation) and as an extension to MicroStation and MicroStation-based design applications.

Bentley Descartes provides infrastructure professionals with:
  • Advanced point-cloud data processing.
  • Manipulation of scalable digital terrain models (DTMs).
  • Advanced raster processing.
  • Processing of legacy documentation.

Bentley Descartes users can also manage their files in ProjectWise. This has the benefit of decreasing the risk of mismanagement and misuse of data and helping to maintain document integrity. Bentley Descartes can also be used with ProjectWise Point-cloud Services so that point clouds can be streamed in part or in whole into Bentley Descartes sessions.

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